Traits that Make Turkish Women so Special Bride

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There is a unique country located in western Asia and South-East Europe. Former Ottoman Empire absorbent and assimilated on its territory dozens of different nationalities with unique and opposite viewpoints. Often people call Turks “the most European Asians” or “Asians with European mentality.” Anyway, such an exceptional location and rich historical past, make Turkey extremely interesting and popular with visitors.

But in modern days, another attraction started shining for many foreign men. With the growth of the economy and appearance of new working places, millions of Turkish women start working outside the house. For centuries, ladies in this country were seen as housewives only. Why is it so? Let’s not forget about strict rules in Islam (the vast majority of the Turkish population are Muslims). Times have changed in the past twenty years, and tourists can meet beautiful Turkish women everywhere.

Why Should You Date With Turkish Girls?

Local women that for so long were hidden from the world suddenly appeared and shocked everybody with their beauty, character, and manners. Suddenly, millions of men from all over the globe want Turkish women for marriage. Marriage agencies are booming inside the country. They help to find a girlfriend, organize dates and weddings, plan marriage ceremonies, and take care of logistics. Dating sites become enormously popular too. You can find thousands of Turkish women on the internet today.

So what makes girls from Turkey so accessible amid European and American men? The answer to this question is complicated, and we will do our best to satisfy your curiosity.

They Are Wise

Turkish woman loves her husband, and, unlike others, does not try to break his will in order to create an “ideal” man. For a Turkish woman, her husband is already ideal. Also, she knows, to destroy a family is much easier than to build. She cares about the stability of marriage, more than about selfish desires.

Because of love and respect, Turkish mail order wives will never argue with a husband in public. If there is a disagreement or fight, it should stay inside a family. And this rule saves not only the reputation of a family but makes your marriage stronger.

turkish bride

Turkish Woman is Honest and Straightforward

One of the traits that men who are dating Turkish women appreciate the most is honesty. The local girl speaks directly about her desires and feelings without ambiguous hints. And let’s be honest – it is a great feature. Even husbands with experience are not always able to capture the thoughts of their wives. It is because of those phrases like “guess by yourself” or “guess why?”. Fortunately, girls from Turkey who want to build a family, learn from parent to be more straightforward.

They are Supportive

First, what Turkish singles who are dreaming about a family improve in themself are empathy and support. A happy wife knows that if she gives a portion of warmth and love to her husband, then everything will come back to her on a bigger scale. A man craves tenderness and words of support no less than a woman. That is why the marriages with local brides are so longlasting.

Sincere service to husband melt even the coldest heart. A girl who dreams of becoming a happy wife should sincerely want to give love and care to her man. The typical woman from Turkey knows this secret and uses this knowledge.

Those Girls Trust Their Men

If you are tired of jealous women who call every half an hour to check where you are and with who, Turkish woman for marriage is a truly unique example of a confident lady. Some may call it naive, but women from turkey believe that trust in the husband’s loyalty does not allow him to betray his wife. Women who trust their men 100% are much less likely to be victims of cheating and deceit. Happy women remember this. And the lowest divorce rate in Europe proves the rightness of this belief.


Last but not least is, of course, is an appearance. Every normal man wants to build a family with an attractive woman. And luckily for you, a typical Turkish woman not only beautiful, but she is sexy. Dark hair, bewitching eyes, big breasts, slim waist, and firm butt make brides from Turkey the most seductive girls in the region. Marriage life with such a stunning wife is similar to paradise. Plus, it is possible to choose the best one out of thousands of potential Turkish wives online.

Meet Turkish Brides


Preferences of Brides from Turkey

The next stage of a relationship with a gorgeous Turkish woman is an actual dating. On the internet, you can find thousands of advice on where to go and what to do on your first date (or not the beginning). But because of the vast quantity and different personalities of advisors, most of those suggestions are false. Plus, Turkish girls are unique. So we decided to do the opposite and created a list of things, local women don’t like while dating a foreigner. But remember this list based on preferences of typical Turkish women for marriage, and some girls may have “specific” taste.

She Prefers to Follow the Man

Doesn’t meter who initiates the date, man (as a potential husband) should organize it. Take it as the fact that you will have to make all the decisions of the time. Otherwise, the woman from Turkey will mark you (in her mind) as an indecisive man who is not able to take the initiative on his own hands. Which restaurant to choose which movie to watch? Do not overwhelm her with questions in the style of “what would you like?” Just lead the girl for at least one evening. You can be considered a real gentleman whose politeness is in the blood. But Turkish women will not appreciate such a broad gesture, rationally estimating that you are simply not able to make decisions on your own.

turkish woman

No One Likes a Whiners

The car is under repair, the boss is annoying, does money slipping through your fingers? A bride does not need to know about this, especially if you seriously intend to make her your girlfriend. Male whiners are tiring. Not only do they pour all their negativity into a girl’s head on a date, like into a trash bin, they also suck out the last joy. In the end, you did not come to a psychotherapy session, but to the woman with whom you intended to have a pleasant evening. So stop making yourself an unfortunate victim of circumstances, switch on the brain and look for positive! Pretty Turkish girls want a potential husband, not a weak boy.

They Don’t Like Sissy Boys

On the one hand, a warm relationship with a parent is a good signal, which means a bride will be able to claim the same tender attitude. On the other hand, a man who spends too much time calling and discussing his daily diet with his mother is too childish. Women are jealous creatures; they want to be not only the main ones but the only ones in the life of a husband/boyfriend. And if you managed to mention your mother’s name five times on one date, Turkish woman won’t compete for your attention, the place of your beloved is already taken.

Stingy Guy Won’t Have a Second Chance

For beautiful Turkish woman, there is nothing more repulsive than a sour-face of a man at the sight of a bill for coffee, or when potential husband bypasses the bakery because it is too “expensive,” and in general it is also “wasteful.” No matter what do you think about money! On a first date, it’s better to be generous if you want to make a good impression, show how valuable her company is. Stingy men look miserable. And not only for gorgeous Turkish women.

Aggressive Men are Cool Only in Dramas

Only in romance novels, women fall at the feet of wild barbarians who put them on a chain and torture with love (there is a different name for such a fetish, but in Turkey, it is not accessible). In reality, a single Turkish woman will run away from you, dropping her shoes, if you start jumping on passers-by in an attempt to show how cool you are. “99%” of beautiful Turkish women don’t like aggressors, because it immediately suggests thoughts of domestic violence or even tyranny. Learn to control yourself, not to get into a fight “stared at you.” Ladies from Turkey love perseverance, but not naked aggression. It is great if a future husband will be confident and positive.

Jealousy is Scary

“Who is that smiling at you?” “How many, you said, male friends, you have?” “Do you still chat with your ex?” Stop, stop, stop! She sees you for the first time, you know little about each other, but you already consider the girl as your property, blowing smoke from the nostrils. Do you think a proud mail order bride from Turkey will be delighted with such an attitude? Instead, evil thoughts creep into her head about the potential future family life: how do you control her every step, deprive friends, communication, hobbies. Few of the ladies will decide to continue such an acquaintance…

Narcissism is a Bad Adviser on a Date

If before your date with Turkish male order wife, you asked her to click “like” on your photos on Instagram, and then you overwhelm her with stories about how great you are, do not be surprised why your phone number will be blacklisted. Turkish women do not respect a man who is too concentrated on himself and his appearance. Turkish girls are not stupid and always understand that in the first place, you will only put yourself – your presence, biceps, work. Excessive narcissism will frighten most of the girls. Concentrate on your partner, try to learn as much as possible about her, listen to what she is saying.


We hope this review helped you to understand better the mysterious mail order bride from this ancient Mediterranean country. So now, you can start planning the next step in your path to marriage. And don’t forget about the internet. It is the most useful Turkish wife finder amid all.

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