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Ukrainian sexy girls are pleasant and hardworking. Physical charm is an important characteristic of every Ukrainian sexy girl. Compared to Western American women, hot Ukrainian babes are soberer and have a mostly healthy lifestyle. A strong desire to please their partners makes Ukrainian hot women an excellent choice in regard to relationships. Many hot Ukrainian models are happy to marry American men. Hot Ukrainian chicks achieve success in their careers and personal lives at any age.

The beauty of hot Ukrainian women is undeniable. The attractiveness of Ukrainian girls makes them the perfect match for any man who wants to have an affair with the hottest Ukrainian woman. In addition to attractive appearance, hot Ukrainian girls are charming and always try to look good for their chosen one. Moreover, Ukrainian hot ladies are very generous. A man who plans to date the hottest Ukrainians should be able to spend a lot of time developing a romance.

Why Are Girls From Ukraine Considered to Look So Hot?

Appearance Obsession

The hottest Ukrainian babes are obsessed with how they look. Each such Slavic girl invests a lot in her appearance. So it’s no surprise that it’s difficult to meet the hottest Ukrainian woman who isn’t in good shape! Ukrainian girls’ passion for appearance is not an act of narcissism at all. This is rather self-confidence and self-love. This is such a peculiar way to express themselves, attract attention and win men’s hearts.


Fashionistas from Ukraine have a great sense of style. Super hot Ukrainian girls dress to impress and that’s why they know how to impress with their style.

Developed Personality

Elegance and bewitching appearance are complemented by the attractiveness of sexy Ukrainian chicks on Instagram. Do not forget that girls from Ukraine attract men from all over the world not only with their charming appearance. Their character makes such girls ideal love candidates.


Ukraine is a multinational country. Such diverse nationalities as Tatars, Jews, Moldavians, and many others took root in it. When you find hot young blood, they can represent ethnicity which gives them a specific charm.

Caring Housewives

Hot Ukrainian females are excellent housewives. Being a great hostess is really hard work. Sometimes after a tiring day at work, you’re just ready to fall apart. Just imagine how happy you will be to come to a clean house and be spoiled by a loving woman in it!


One way or another, the career of a hot Ukrainian woman does not prevent her from giving herself to her family. A faithful and caring wife are the two most important words in the family life of a sexy Ukrainian woman. With such a person, you do not need to think about raising children because she will take care of everything.

Mystery and Charm

Appearance is not always the defining thing in a woman. Ukrainian women are like butterflies: multi-colored and light. They are sincere and playful like children. However, they have a certain feminine side. They are sweet and sociable and easy-going and always seem attractive to men. How do they do it? Ukrainian women know this trick since childhood. This is what makes Ukrainian girls charming and mysterious.

Wayward Mentality

Hot Ukrainian female is still very natural as she knows how to impress with her make-up and choice of hairstyles. Ukrainian girls love to look impeccable on every date. Gorgeous Ukrainian babes love high heels and revealing outfits. But this is not the case for women from big cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv or Odesa. In urban life, local girls prefer a sporty or classic style.

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Top 25 Hottest and Sexiest Ukrainian Women

Daria Verbova


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Публикация от daria werbowy (@dotwillow)

While still a hot Ukrainian teen girl, Daria felt the taste of fame and successful promotion. She took her first steps in the modeling business at the age of 14 having won a local competition. Daria participated in 23 shows and opened 7 of them. Later, the hot girl appeared on the cover of Vogue. She worked at the Susan J. Model & Talent studio and signed a contract with the well-known Elite Models agency.

Nadezhda Granovskaya


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Публикация от Nadia Meiher (@nadyameiher)

Nadezhda Granovskaya is a hot singer, actress, designer, TV presenter, and member of the VIA Gra group. Nadezhda is one of the brightest soloists of the group in its entire history. In 2006, Nadezhda Granovskaya left the group. She began to work on the Ukrainian TV channel STB as the host of the weekly program “Unbelievable Love Stories”.

Alena Vinnitskaya


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Публикация от Алена Винницкая (@alenavinnitskaya)

Alena Vinnitskaya is a striking example of how talented artists on the modern stage prefer to do what they love. She became a singer who earned her first fame thanks to her performance. She was a part of the famous musical group “VIA Gra”, and then went into “free-swimming”. Her biography is a story of searching for herself as an artist trying to win the musical Olympus.

Olga Harlan


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Публикация от Kharlan Olga (@olgakharlan)

Ukrainian saber fencer Olga Kharlan was engaged in dancing as a child, and from the age of ten, she chose fencing. At the age of 14, the hot woman Harlan got into the Ukrainian national team. Four years later, she won the Beijing Olympics. Today, the fencer is a six-time world champion, an eight-time European champion, and an honored master of sports in fencing.

Dasha Astafyeva


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Публикация от Dasha Astafieva (@da_astafieva)

Dasha Astafieva is a hot Ukrainian fashion model, soloist of the NikitA group, TV presenter and film actress. The first popularity came to her after the artist got on the cover of the anniversary issue of the men’s Playboy magazine. At the age of 16, Dasha Astafieva participated in the “Miss Dnepropetrovsk” beauty contest where she made useful acquaintances. Daria went to the photographer and took a number of nude shots.

Inna Tsymbalyuk

Inna is another hot actress in Ukrainian cinema. In 1998, she began to participate in beauty contests. In each competition, Mrs. Tsymbalyuk won the title of “Miss Audience Choice”. In 2003 she won the title of “Queen of Kyiv”. In 2006, Inna won the national beauty contest “Miss Ukraine – Universe” and reached the final of the international competition.

Olga Sumskaya

Olga Sumskaya is a People’s Artist of Ukraine, a popular actress and a TV presenter. Not much time passed after graduating from the institute, and Olga had already become the leading actress of the theater. Olga played almost all the key roles of her repertoire and was acting in films at the same time.

Marina Petrenko


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Публикация от Marina Petrenko (@marinpetrenko)

In her 1st year of the capital’s theater university, Marina Petrenko received a tempting offer to star in the full-length film “On the Game”. In 2010, Marina Petrenko continued her rapid career climb. The actress starred in the 12-episode project “Group of Happiness”. Following the girl lit up in the historical drama “Split” about the times of church reforms of Patriarch Nikon.

Zlata Ognevich


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Публикация от ZLATA OGNEVICH (@zlata.ognevich)

Zlata Ognevich is a hot Ukrainian singer with bright charisma and talent. After graduating from a music institute, the singer began performing her participate in solo projects. But for real success, the artist lacked participation in competitions. Therefore, her goal from the very beginning of her career was to participate in Eurovision.

Olesia Stefanko


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Публикация от Olesia Stefanko (@olesiastefanko)

Olesia is a Ukrainian lawyer and beauty queen. Olesia was crowned “Miss Ukraine Universe” in 2011 where the girl took 1st place. Olesya’s result at the Miss Universe contest was the best result. Shortly before the event, a fan club for Olesia Stefanko opened in America. To win the competition, the girl was prepared by American stylists, makeup artists and choreographers.

Nastya Kamensky


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Публикация от NK | Nastia Kamenskykh (@kamenskux)

Nastya Kamensky is a hot and very famous Ukrainian pop singer. Her performances in the duet “Potap and Nastya” brought her popularity. Such cooperation attracted the attention of the public with cheerful and hooligan songs phrases from which became winged. Today, the artist successfully storms the world of Latin American music and international show business.

Irina Zhuravskaya


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Публикация от Ирина Журавская (@zhuravskaya.irina)

Irina is a sexy Ukrainian model who represented her country at the Miss World 2008 pageant. The pageant took place on December 13, 2008, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Irina placed first among 15 semi-finalists in the competition. Remembering the victory at the competition, Irina admitted that it was hard for her. At that time, the girl was only 18 years old, then a lot of gossip appeared about her.

Vera Brezhneva


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Публикация от Vera Brezhneva (@ververa)

Vera Brezhneva is a former participant in the VIA Gra project, a stunning singer, actress and TV presenter. Vera Brezhneva performed with VIA Gra in the summer of 2002 during the Ukrainian tour of the group. Vera was an ordinary spectator who expressed a desire to go up on stage during the performance of “Attempt No. 5”. The producers liked what they saw and invited Vera to the casting.

Mika Newton


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Публикация от Mika Newton (@mikanewton)

At the age of 16, Oksana Gritsai (real name) won the Black Sea Games festival of young talents in the city of Skadovsk. The young winner attracted the attention of producer Yuri Falyosa with whom she signed a contract in 2002. The producer immediately came up with an exclusive pseudonym for the aspiring performer – Mika Newton.

Nadezhda Ruchka


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Публикация от Надя Ручка | Nadia Ruchka (@nadiaruchka)

From the age of 5, Nadezhda began to study ballet. In the 11th grade, Nadezhda was invited to the All-Ukrainian beauty contest in Kyiv and to shoot a video in Moscow. In parallel with her studies, Nadezhda worked in a modeling agency and studied with a teacher from Gnesinka. In 1999, she received an offer to sing in the Party group which was the beginning of her stage career.

Tina Karol (Tetiana Liberman)


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Публикация от Тина Кароль (@tina_karol)

Tina Karol is the brightest Ukrainian pop star. The woman is actively involved in charity work and gives unforgettable concerts attended by thousands of fans. Now, she is considered the face of major brands. She was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine. The singer gained national recognition after participating in the popular song contest “New Wave” in Jurmala in 2005.

Snezhana Onopka


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Публикация от Snejana Onopka (@snejanaonopka15)

In 2004, Snezhana Onopka, as a hot woman who took part in the casting of the AL Model Management company. She managed to successfully pass the tests. Soon Snezhana went to the USA. After a short time, the Ukrainian model appeared on the best catwalks in New York, Milan and Paris. Snezhana Onopka graced the covers of such magazines as “Numero” and “Vogue”.

Olga Kurilenko


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Публикация от Olga Kurylenko (@olgakurylenkoofficial)

The charming Ukrainian graced the covers of the leading glossy magazines such as Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, and Vogue. Olga was elected as the face of Kenzo, Clarins, Bebe, Helena Rubinstein as well as Her Secret Temptation fragrance by Antonio Banderas perfume brand. Olga Kurylenko is the laureate of the Brooklyn Film Festival for her confident debut in the French adaptation of Yoko Ogawa’s Japanese novel “The Finger of Love”.

Polina Vasilina


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Публикация от Apollinariya (@apollinariya_vasylyna)

Polina is a hot woman graduated from the Ivan Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and Television in 2019. Polina starred in commercials for Kyivstar brands, Epicenter retail chain, McDonalds. In 2016, she began acting in films making her debut in the TV series “Criminologist”. In 2018, she starred in the comedy “Crazy Wedding”.

Natalya Gotsiy


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Публикация от Nataliia Gotsii (@nataliiagotsii)

The girl began her modeling career quite suddenly. Natalia Gotsiy came to the casting of one of the Kyiv modeling agencies. She became a competitor for many others. A company spotted a beautiful stranger and invited her to take part in a beauty contest. Nevertheless, the girl did not manage to win but she reached the final and successfully “lit up” in the fashion community.

Nadezhda Dorofeeva


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Публикация от DOROFEEVA (@nadyadorofeeva)

Nadya Dorofeeva is a Ukrainian popular singer who became famous in a duet with Alexei Zavgorodny. From the first days of their joint musical career, the couple set a goal for themselves – to become the best group in Ukraine. The duo went to great success for several years. Having reached the peak of fame, the artists decided to continue their creative search in other directions.

Masha Efrosinina


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Публикация от Masha Efrosinina (@mashaefrosinina)

Maria graduated from high school with a gold medal. Then she entered the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Foreign Languages. Maria gained a translator specialty of English and Spanish. At the age of 19, Maria made her debut on the Ukrainian First National TV Channel (UT-1) in the “Lucky Call” program. In 2002, the actress received the Teletriumph Award for the Best Television Show nomination.

Anna Koshmal


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Публикация от Anna Koshmal (@smorkovkina)

Since childhood, this hot woman has been dancing, doing sports and vocals. In 2010, Anna entered the Kyiv Academy of Circus And Variety Arts. At the age of 17, she was approved for the role in the popular Russian-Ukrainian comedy television series “Matchmakers” which made her widely known. Work in “Matchmakers” was marked by a nomination for the Ukrainian television award “Teletriumph” in the nomination “Actress of a television film/series”.

Evgenia Loza


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Публикация от Евгения Лоза/Evgeniya Loza (@loza_jenya)

Evgenia Loza is a unique Ukrainian actress who is a very talented person. In 2001, Evgenia entered the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School. In 2002, Evgenia was invited to play a small role as a teenager Olga in the television series “Turetsky March”. Having finished work on her first film role, she received a new offer to star in the television series “Kamenskaya”.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova


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Публикация от Kate Kuznetsova (@katykino)

Ekaterina graduated from the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film, and Television named after I. Karpenko-Karyi (2009) Collaborated with the Kyiv Young Theatre. Since 2011, the woman has been living and working in Moscow filming in Russian and Ukrainian cinema. In the fall of 2008, Katerina took part in the television project of the Ukrainian TV channel 1 + 1 “I dance for you!” in which she won in tandem with Murat Nudel.


Who Is the Hottest Ukrainian Lady?

According to many, Dasha Astafieva is the hottest woman in Ukraine. She is a Playboy winner. Many women can envy Dasha in her acting and modeling career.

Which Cities Have the Hottest Girls in Ukraine?

Kyiv is the heart of hot Ukrainian women. In the capital, you will meet many wonderful women such as Nastya Kamensky, Masha Efrosinina, and Tina Karol.

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