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Each country gives its inhabitants its own flair and character. It develops geographically and historically. Each country is shaped by culture and the way of life which is characteristic for Russian sexy girls. It is believed that hot Russian babes are stunning and unique creatures of their kind.

What is so special about hot Russian women? The secret of the special beauty of the Russian sexy girl lies in the wild mixture of West and East. What kind of people did not live and roam on the territory of today’s Russia! Among them were Proto-Indo-Europeans, Slavs, Scandinavians, Mongol-Tatars, Germanic peoples and many others.

This mixture has been brewed in Russia for centuries. And here is the result: beautiful blond and dark-haired hot Russian models were born. A lovely combination of East and West gave rise to high cheekbones and round faces, soft features and fair skin, green and blue eyes that are typical for hot Russian chicks.

Why Are Girls From Russia Considered to Look So Hot?


Hot Russian women are truly beautiful because they hear it all the time! Russian women are aware that they are beautiful. They love to make themselves beautiful and they enjoy being attractive in the eyes of men. “Beauty will save the world” – these words are attributed to a Russian classic.


Hot Russian girls have a great power of endurance and patience. They tolerate the stupid drunkenness of their men which they are sometimes even proud of. They suffer beatings from drunken husbands. Russian hot ladies endure this for a long time, and many local women all their lives. Some women from Russia want a completely different fate. The hottest Russians are looking for a Western man who will take care of them.


The strength of the hottest Russian babes appears in their patience, ability to forgive, in the struggle for the survival of themselves and their families. To remain beautiful, Eastern European beauties take all the hardships of life. Most of all, the strength of Russian women shows their weakness, especially in relation to men.


Whereas Western women refuse to recognize their feminine side, the incomparable Russian girls are cultivating their femininity.


In addition to strength and beauty, Russian ladies are well-educated and hardworking. The literacy and level of education of the Russian population is relatively high (mainly due to the Soviet education system). About 92% of local residents have completed at least high school, and 15% have higher education.


Russian spirituality is different from Eastern or European. Thanks to the complete ban on religion in Soviet times, the hottest Russian babies were freed from ritualism and religious traditions. In the absence of churches, local women sought God first of all in their hearts. Spirituality is very “feminine” as true mercy and forgiveness.

Sense of Style

If you see a lot of women on the street, most likely the Russians will be those who wear shiny high-heeled shoes and short, tight skirts and dresses. Local girls use this trick by choosing the most outstanding clothes and shoes. You will admire the look of the hottest Russian woman on a date!


Sexy Russian chicks tend to use soft fruity flavors that are in perfect harmony with the local climate. Russia is one of the world’s producers of perfumery and its quality remains at a very high level!

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Top 25 Hottest and Sexiest Russian Women

Maria Sharapova


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Maria Sharapova is a famous tennis player. Maria is among Russian hot women who won almost all major titles. Maria is a five-time winner of Grand Slam sports competitions and 39 fights of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Maria can be attributed as a hot young woman who drives men crazy with her attractive appearance. Sharapova also has been recognized as the world’s highest-grossing sports athlete with endorsement deals with Land Rover, Nike, Tiffany & Co, Canon and Sony Ericsson.

Alina Kabaeva


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Alina is among hot Russian females. Kabaeva won her first serious title in 1998 in the European Championship. At the 1999 World Cup, Kabaeva never dropped below 2nd place including the victory in the absolute championship. The Olympic revenge took place in Athens. Kabaeva thought about participating in Beijing in 2008.However, because of the high competition in the national team, Alina announced her retirement.

Anna Kournikova


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Публикация от Anna Kournikova Iglesias (@annakournikova)

Anna Kournikova is a hot Russian woman who first picked up a racket at the age of five. When Kournikova was seven years old, her mentor announced that the girl undoubtedly had talent and a great professional future awaited her. Thus, training which at first was just a hobby acquired a professional character. Very soon (in 1988) Anna took part in her first tournament.

Natalia Vodianova


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Публикация от Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova)

Natalia Vodianova is a sexy Russian woman. At the age of 16, she was spotted by a local modeling agency scout. The girl went to Moscow for the casting of the French agency Viva. Then began her path to fame. She fell in love with the new image of Lolita. In 2001, W magazine named her the biggest modeling sensation. Just a month after, Vodianova starred in a Louis Vuitton spring-summer campaign and then in a Gucci ad in 2002.

Victoria Bonya


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Публикация от VICTORIA BONYA (@victoriabonya)

Victoria Bonya is a hot Russian female TV personality, model, and blogger. She can be called a woman who made herself through her hard work. A simple provincial girl managed to become the idol of millions. Later, she became a guru of a healthy lifestyle whose opinion many young people listen to. Today, Victoria Bonya is realizing herself on the Internet as a former reality show participant and TV presenter.

Anna Semenovich


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Публикация от Семенович Анна (@ann_semenovich)

Anna Semenovich belongs to the gorgeous Russian babes. Anna Semenovich was remembered by many as a singer, actress, and TV presenter who began her career in the show business. Charismatic blonde Anna has found herself in a new field with talent and diligence. Mrs. Semenovich tirelessly generates creative ideas and continues to delight fans with a variety of projects.

Maria Kirilenko


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Публикация от Maria Kirilenko (@mariakirilenko87)

While still being a hot Russian teen girl, Maria was able to achieve considerable success. Athlete, smart, beautiful Maria Kirilenko is undoubtedly a recognized professional in world tennis like her eminent colleagues Elena Vesnina, Maria Sharapova, and Elena Dementieva. The biography of the girl is an illustration of the prioritization on the court of her career.



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Публикация от Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha)

Nyusha is among the number of super hot Russian girls. Anna Shurochkina (real name) is a young pop singer from Moscow. Her songs have repeatedly occupied leading positions in the domestic charts; even the heroes of foreign cartoons spoke in her voice. Eminent music publications called Nyusha “the most memorable event of recent years.”

Dana Borisova


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Публикация от Dana Borisova (@danaborisova_official)

Dana Borisova is a very talented actress, journalist, and TV presenter who has become a sex symbol on the TV screen in Russia. The TV personality Dana Borisova owes her popularity not only to her attractive appearance but her ability to get around life’s troubles by reacting to problems with irony and a smile. The biography of a talk show participant is a story about a bright and courageous person whose personal life is far from a fairy tale.



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Публикация от ALSOU (@alsou_a)

Alsou is another hot and no less talented Russian singer. She is forever remembered by the world as the author of the immortal hit “Winter Dream”. In 2000, she represented Russia at the Eurovision music contest where she took the precedent 2nd place. Since then, Alsou became the youngest participant in the history of the contest. Alsou performed “I Will Always Love You” at her brother’s wedding after which she began her singing career.

Anfisa Chekhova


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Anfisa Chekhova is a hot Russian TV presenter and host of the frank show “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”. The image of a relaxed sexy woman and sharp-tongued helped her to become famous. In addition to television, Anfisa Chekhova can be seen in many Russian comedies. Since 2005, the girl has appeared on the night air of TNT. In search of the perfect “screen image”, she went through several roles but in the end, she settled on herself.

Lera Kudryavtseva


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Публикация от Lera Kudryavtseva (@leratv)

Lera Kudryavtseva is a sexy popular Russian TV and radio host, the host of the Muz-TV Prize and the New Wave music festival. Particular attention of viewers was attracted by the author’s program “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel where stars have to share the details of their personal lives. Lera successfully passed the casting for the Party Zone program on the TV-6 channel.

Tamara Gverdtsiteli


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Публикация от Тамара Гвердцители (@gverdtsiteli_official)

Tamara Gverdtsiteli is a hot female singer whose talent was appreciated by Michel Legrand. This unique woman never ceases to amaze with her strength of character: she was not seen in scandals and does not bring personal problems to the public. A talented Soviet singer with a unique voice was recognized and loved not only in her own country but also abroad.

Kseniya Borodina


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Публикация от Ксения Бородина (@borodylia)

In the early 2000s, purposeful and determined Borodina undertook her goal of becoming famous. The world of show business attracted Ksenia who from childhood saw herself as a TV star. The girl was informed about the approval of her host of the TV show “Dom-2” for which she applied shortly before. The popularity of the scandalous project made Borodina herself more successful despite the competition with more famous and experienced socialite Ksenia Sobchak.

Kseniya Sobchak


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Публикация от Ксения Собчак (@xenia_sobchak)

Ksenia studied at the ballet studio at the Mariinsky Theater and at the art studio at the Hermitage. The woman graduated from high school at the University. Herzen. In 1998 Ksenia entered the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University. In 2001 she moved to Moscow and transferred to the Faculty of International Relations of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Ksenia is a TV presenter of the reality show “Dom-2”.

Zoya Berber


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Публикация от Зоя Бербер | ACTRESS (@zberberr)

Zoya Berber is one of the most beautiful and unprincipled actresses in Russia. Zoya was unable to repeat the fate of many other actresses and did not become a hostage to the only role. Zoya’s creative experience counts many interesting roles both in cinema and theater. In addition to achievements in the professional field, this woman can be proud of a happy female fate.

Alina Artz


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Публикация от Alina Artts (@alinaartts)

Alina was fond of singing and dancing. Since her childhood, she studied in a dance class, and then at a choreographic school of arts. There, Alina graduated as a teacher-choreographer. In 2007, Alina Artz entered the theater workshop. The same year, her career began with the program “Das ist Fantastish” on the NTV channel. The program dedicated to sex became the highest-rated.

Lisa Boyarskaya


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Публикация от Елизавета Боярская (@lizavetabo)

Liza Boyarskaya is a sexy actress and model. Liza Boyarskaya plunged headlong into learning the basics of acting. Being a student, Boyarskaya received her first serious role. The girl brilliantly performed on the stage of the Drama Theater in the play “King Lear” playing the role of Gonerel. For this role, Liza received prestigious “Golden Soffit” award.

Elena Zakharova


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Публикация от Елена Захарова (@lenazaharova57)

From the age of six, Elena danced in a pop-choreographic ensemble. She started acting in films as a schoolgirl. The first role is the princess’s girlfriend in a fairy tale film. In 1997, Mrs. Zakharova graduated from the B.V. Shchukin and was taken to the troupe of the Theater of the Moon. Elena was engaged in the performances of the Theater of the Moon, the Theater Agency LeCour, the Theater Agency Art-Partner XXI, etc.

Daria Strokous


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Публикация от Daria Strokous (@dariastrokous)

At the age of 17, Daria was noticed by one of the well-known modeling agencies. In July 2007, she took part for the first time in Milan and Paris fashion weeks. V Magazine included her in their Top 10 in 2008. Daria appeared on the pages of British Vogue. The girl took part in a new project for the online magazine Nomenusquarterly filmed by Eric Madigan Heck, the founder of the magazine.

Anastasia Kvitko


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Публикация от AK (@anastasiya_kvitko)

As a child, Anastasia was involved in athletics. At the age of 17, she began her modeling career. Anastasia Kvitko was noticed by the famous photographer Anvar Norov who offered her cooperation. In 2013, she moved to Moscow and participated in various filming. At the end of 2015, she moved to the United States after a job offer from Kanye West Clothing.

Julia Volkova


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Публикация от Julia Volkova | Юля Волкова (@official_juliavolkova)

Julia Volkova is the world-famous “black girl from Tatu”. Julia is one of the ex-soloists of the scandalous duet which became a “pioneer” among the first Russian bands to enter the international level. Volkova later began to develop as a solo artist. Her own musical project has gathered a devoted army of fans.

Yanina Studilina


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Публикация от Янина Студилина (@yanina_studilina)

Yanina Studilina is an attractive, talented and versatile person. Even before building a successful acting career, she had the opportunity to try herself as a fashion model and TV presenter. The hottest girl began acting in films already at a conscious age. Consequently, all her appearances on the screen are fully analyzed decisions.

Natasha Poly


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Публикация от Natasha Poly (@natashapoly)

Natasha Poly is one of the hottest models of her generation. The girl is admired by recognized couturiers. Renowned photographers consider it an honor to be able to work with Natalie. Today, Natasha is at the zenith of fame and firmly holds the title of one of the most sought-after models in Russia.

Natasha Galkina


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Публикация от ??????? (@natashagalkina)

Natasha took second place in the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model. Natasha Galkina continues to do modeling business after the show. She also acts in films and television series. Natasha works as a correspondent for the Chance TV channel and produces films and photoshoots.


Who Is the Hottest Russian Lady?

Among the hottest Russian women are Julia Volkova, Anna Kournikova and Alina Kabaeva. Anna Semenovich and Anfisa Chekhova do not lag behind the number of the most attractive women from Russia.

Which Cities Have the Hottest Girls in Russia?

Moscow, Perm and St. Petersburg are the top cities where you can meet the hottest and most charming women of your choice.

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