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Arab girls for marriage were for a long period of time, something mysterious and unknown. But thanks to the growing popularity of social networks, matrimonial agencies, dating sites, to find amazing Arabic mail order bride became a much easier task, especially with the help of the online Arabian wife finder you are using right now.

Unfortunately, due to some mass media, cinema, and fictional stories, stereotypes were formed in the minds of the average person.

Why Should You Date With Arabian Girls

This article is intended to acquaint you with the major features of a typical Arabic girl and dispel some myths about her. Also, it is wise to learn basic information about traits and character before you start dating Arab women. Such knowledge will help to successfully proceed from the first date with a beautiful bride to the wedding ceremony and happy family life.

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Arab Girl Is Obedient

The fact that the man is the head in the family has been taught to Arab brides since early childhood. A woman has no right to reprimand her husband and otherwise express their disobedience. The only thing she has, the right to speak softly and unobtrusively his point of view to which he can listen.

Practice shows that oriental men greatly value their wives’ gentleness, compassion, humility, as well as patience.

By the way, contrary to popular opinion, the dominance of a man in the Arab family does not mean tyranny. In such unions, the woman is highly esteemed in the role of mother and wife. Moreover, a man is obliged to treat her with great respect, to present gifts and to pay due attention.

The main talent of the Arabian wife is the ability to present the necessary information so that the man takes it for his idea. The main thing after that is to approve it. In fact, who really came up with the idea makes no difference if the result suits you both.

They Know How to Take Care of Themselves

Any Arab woman allure man by the fact that she knows how to take care of her beauty because she is impelled to show herself to her husband as beautiful as she can. Skin and body care products are very popular amid mail order brides. Jewelry and designer clothes are another way to emphasize her femininity and demonstrate the wellbeing of the family.

Western women, looking at the modesty of Arabian mail order wife’s attire, cannot believe that under their scarfs, abayas and covered shoulders concealed true beauties. In fact, this is indeed so. These women do not irritate their spouse with overly frank outfits – they have no choice but to be proud of their wife, who has everything that is hidden.

Arab Wife Worships Her Husband

From an Arabian mail order wives, you will never hear slanderous words addressed to her husband, and if he is near, then only praises are heard from her. Arab wife will usually use words in which he appears as a “caring father”, “a loving husband”, “a marvelous master” and “the wise man”.

Wives from the Middle East have a special scheme with which they are able to promote a husband’s virtues, thus creating a positive image of him. And this quality is appreciated by men. Looking at a couple who has the best man and woman who talks about it all around, it seems that the relationship is as good as possible, love is in bloom, and bonds are stronger than ever.

What do western women do most often? As a rule, being in a tight circle (and sometimes not in a tight circle), they begin to talk about how they have to manipulate their men because otherwise, husband/boyfriend will only watch TV and will not work. Hearing this, the Arab wife simply remains silent, as if what she heard did not concern her at all.

They Are Family-Oriented

The Arab Wife is the most striking example of a family hearth keeper. In every marriage, there is a strict division of responsibilities between the spouses. Thus, a wife is assigned responsibilities of creating a coziness, comfort, and cleanliness in the love nest. In addition, before a kid becomes a teenager, the mother is responsible for upbringing. As for the husband, his main goal consists of providing safeness and material goods for his spouse and children. By the way, Middle-Eastern men pretty-much are not involved in the cleaning of the household – it is considered as only women’s job.

Contrary to western opinion, Arab women can participate in different social activities or projects and allowed to work, but in fact, only a few find a job – mostly, they favor to stick to tradition and devote themselves entirely to family and child-rearing.

Sometimes it seems that for the normal perception of all the postulates of Arab woman’s behavior, one must be born and raised in the Middle East or North Africa. However, their observance of tradition is the key to happy family life and wellbeing.

Arabian Women Are Versatile

Brides from the Middle East and Northern Africa are very versatile and often can combine within their personalities completely different features. The location in the middle, between Europeans in the northwest, Africans in the southwest, and Asians in the east made local women surprisingly universal. They absorbed different traits from each of the neighbors and transformed those into their virtues.

  • Wonderful hostesses. Arab women are perfect hosts. They will be delighted to welcome guests to their home, providing visitors with the best conditions and the most delicious treats. For Arabic wives, relatives are like saints, and their husband’s guests are always treated with respect. In the Middle East, a table full of food is a symbol of the prosperity of a family that an Eastern woman must competently demonstrate.
  • Marital duty above all else. Arab bride is very passionate in all means. It applies to both her personality and behavior. Eastern woman is ready to enter into intimacy with her husband at any moment, without regard to the conditions – it is his duty. One of the most common reasons for divorces in the Arab world is the husband’s failure to perform intimate duties with his stunning wife. It also pushes Arab singles to look for a husband in dating sites and marriage agencies.
  • Religion is a serious matter in Eastern countries. Most spread beliefs in the Middle East and Northern Africa are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The fulfillment of all religious requirements and ordinances is entrusted to women, to which they are obliged to treat with the utmost responsibility.

Myths About Stereotypical Arab Woman

Many of our ideas about the Arab world have nothing to do with reality or are quite far from the truth. The stereotypes imposed on us regarding pretty Arab girls are so firmly rooted in the system of our views that, it seems, only after living at least a year in a Gulf country, a western person can take a fresh look at its realities.

“Poor, poor Arab women …”

Arab women and delusions. We often pity Arab women, believing that they envy Americans and Europeans. Perhaps such envy takes place among Arabic girls who were raised in most undeveloped and dangerous states, but not in the majority of Arab countries. They are united by religion, but the rules and ways of life differ strikingly. What, then, is the life of Arab women, say, in the modern center of the Arab world – in Gulf (UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar)? It is prosperous. Brides from UAE, for example, are studying in universities all over the world, can serve in the army and police. Have their own properties and businesses, represented in different ministries and other government structures.

“Arab Women Are Not Allowed to Drive a Car”

In our country, many still believe that Arab women are forbidden to drive a car. This was true, but only in Saudi Arabia and only years ago! The government thought that driving is dangerous for a woman and that if a vehicle breaks down, a woman cannot cope with the problem. But nowadays it is a history.

In the Gulf countries, women own cars as often as men. Because society is very prosperous, local brides often have a driver (usually female), a personal assistant or a nanny for a child – and it is not an indicator of status, it is a common thing.

“Arab Women Can’t Travel Without Male Family Member”

It was true a few years ago, but modern development and modern tendencies transformed the situation drastically. In public transport like buses, three or four frontal rows are reserved for women only. Subway provides separate cars for girls, and taxi companies have female drivers hired, especially for serving women. You can meet single Arab woman traveling all over the world by airplanes. So yes, it is just an old myth.

“You Can Find Arab Woman for Sale”

The practice of trading a young woman for marriage is very old and was widespread in all countries and continents throughout history. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to meet an example of such an archaic tradition. It is not ordinary in the 21st century for Arabic countries and kingdoms too. Human trade is a crime, and cases that happen in warzones in the Middle East are rare and illegal.


To conclude all written above, it must be mentioned that Arabian wives online are still quite rare. Thus if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to find a girlfriend from the Middle East and North Africa, create a profile on our dating site and meet your love today. All mail order brides are family-oriented and only waiting for a nice man like you. Just choose a few single women on the list, check information in their profiles ( photos, age, hobbies, occupation, personal preferences, etc.) and star the correspondence with the best one. Or, it is possible to message many girls before you make up your mind. Good luck.