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We all learned at school about the ancient country of Egypt. It is almost impossible to find an adult person on our planet who never heard of pyramids, sphinx, or tombs of pharaohs. Even if someone was not attentive at school, what is a chance that such a person never saw one of the millions of pictures of those ancient structures: or never watched one of the hundreds of movies about mysteries and secrets, that Egypt hides. The chance of finding a man or woman who doesn’t know about this country on the Nile river is miserable. But all these glorious monuments of the past overshadow the real treasure of modern state – mesmerizing Egyptian women.

Amazing women from Egypt are the most family-oriented amid all neighboring Arab countries. This statement was proven by millions of travelers who visited Egypt in the last few decades. Thanks to traditional upbringing, local brides learn about the importance of marriage in life every woman at an early age. Men from this state admit that they don’t look for a partner of other nationalities, because beautiful Egyptian women are great wives. And girls prove those words by naming a wedding as the most critical event in their life.

Why Should You Date With Egyptian Girls?

Each year, more and more western men wanting to find a girlfriend from Egypt. But because of its distant location, dating sites and marriage agencies become the number one option. Those resources are booming now, and in this review, we will explain what else makes Egyptian women so desired.

They are Homemakers

In western society, there is a popular stereotype of an oppressed Egyptian woman who struggles her whole life since childhood. Maybe in the past, there was a hint of trues, but in modern-day, everything is entirely different. In local families, daughters are loved even more than sons. There is a faith that pretty Egyptian girls are more loyal to the family, so fathers and mothers believe that daughters will take care of old parents in the future. And in wast majority of cases, this belief is true.

From an early age, women from Egypt raised a wife and mother and misters of the house. Attention concentrated more on the relationship in the family rather than the building of a career. Because of such a traditional upbringing, beautiful Egyptian women don’t run after spending more time at work compared to home. And if a potential husband has a high income, a typical Egyptian girl will prefer to concentrate on family.

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Egyptian Mail Order Brides and Work?

As we said, for the Egyptian brides, family always comes first. In this ancient country, either single women or poor girls, work to earn money and to have a career.

If we talk about middle-income families and above, then the ideal female work here is a position in the family business. Most often, this is a half-day job, to somehow keep oneself busy while the children are at school, or to earn their pins.

By the way, according to the laws of Islam, what the husband earned is family money, and what the wife made is her money, which she is not obliged to invest in the joint family account.

Certainly, Egyptian girls for marriage are ready to work if it will be needed. And the majority of wives of foreign men, work especially if a family lives in one of the western countries.


Islamic laws put some restrictions on the clothes variety of amazing Egyptian mail order wife. In theory, a local girl should wear strict and modest attire that will cover the whole body, except face, hands, and legs up to the ankles. In rural parts and deep dessert, women must wear burkas (which covers the whole body, including the face). But, in general, Egypt is an open-minded country, so a woman can wear whatever she wants.

The style of clothes strongly depends on the financial situation of the family. Women from houses with lower income, usually wear a galatea (clothes similar to hijab. Covers whole body, except face) and scarf.

Egyptian women from more rich families often prefer European style clothes – jeans, high-heels, t-shirts, shorts, uncovered heads. Expensive branded things also very popular.

The middle class often combine traditional scarf to cover the head and tight jeans, long-slived shirts. Theoretically, such a style should make Egyptian girls look modern but modest. In reality, it is very sexy. Egyptian women are quite curvy, with firm butt and big breasts. So, this style hides a skin but highlights seductive figures of girls from Egypt. Men who like women with curvy, sexy bodies name mail order brides from this country as one of the most attractive.

Meet Egyptian Brides


How to Meet Egyptian Woman for Marriage?

Usually, when a man from western country want to meet a single woman of other culture, he just books a flight and travel to the chosen destination. This way of finding a wife worked for hundreds of thousands of men in Philipines, Thailand, or Vietnam. But it will not work in Egypt. The culture and traditions work perfectly to minimize a chance of interaction of wester man (or any other foreigner) with an Egyptian girl. Not only some Egyptian woman hide their face, but also stay at home most of the time. But don’t lose hope, ladies from this ancient country want to meet a foreign husband too. And to do so, the typical Egyptian woman use the internet. Dating sites and marriage agencies are viral.

Dating Sites

Without a doubt dating site is the best Egyptian wife finder among all. Not only because it is modern, but thanks to its convenience. Most obvious reasons are:

Another advantage of dating sites is the financial aspect. You can meet your love for free without spending money on restaurants, flowers, and other unnecessary expenses.

Marriage Agency

You can start dating Egyptian women not only through a dating site but with the help of a marriage agency. This option is especially popular with busy men who don’t want to spend their time searching for a bride. The procedure is only slightly different. You fill the form with personal detail, and specify your preferences, pay the required amount of money; everything else will be done by office workers. They will find a perfect match for you, contact her, and sent you the notification. If the result is satisfactory, the agency will even organize a date for you. This kind of service often ironically called “Egyptian woman for sale.”

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What Egyptian Ladies Expect from Husband

Sometimes, when we are looking for a future husband or wife, we forget about our partner’s desires and wishes. Often man choosing women only by her physical appearance, like:

And some women concentrate only on man’s physical capabilities and social status:

It becomes so common to judge people by some visual aspects that we don’t pay attention to the feelings and expectations of others. To help you avoid this trap of selfishness and underestimation, we prepare a few points about what Egyptian singles exact from a future husband.

The Man Should Take an Initiative

This is a very important aspect. Although women rarely talk about it, you should know what they like when complex tasks, questions, and problems are solved for them. If a man takes the initiative, from the viewpoint of an Egyptian bride, such actions are regarded as attention and care.

They Like to be Surprised

All women love all sorts of surprises and often wish to be surprised more often. Even a small but unexpected box of chocolates will help them feel loved and special. This is not an expensive gift; just demonstrate your concern and warmth. It is not difficult at all; just be open, attentive, and loving.

They Like Honesty

Each person wants openness and sincerity from a partner in all situations. Honesty is what any woman expects from her man. Do not be afraid, to tell the truth, even if it is not particularly pleasant, just be more considerate and diplomatic. An honestly expressed opinion is better than an understatement or a lie of “good intentions.” No one likes being cheated.

Women from Egypt Know a Body Language

Women have a unique sixth sense, especially when it comes to their relationship. They always notice and analyze all the small details in boyfriend or husband, including body language. Sometimes this sixth sense can be misleading, but mostly it rarely deceives them.

Everyone Want to be Respected

No woman will say it out loud. But this is a fact. Friends for men are critical; that is why Egyptian women want to be liked and respected by those friends. This desire also helps in the future to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes, as well as mutual hostility. Well, through friends, it is easier for a woman to influence her man;)

Girls Need a Personal Freedom

We all sometimes need to be alone with ourselves. And we all must have personal things that are beyond the reach of even for the closest people. A big mistake on the part of a man is to try to control all the actions of a wife and limit her communication with girlfriends. Always remember that trust and understanding are the foundation for a healthy relationship.


If you genuinely want to become a husband of a beautiful mail order bride from Egypt, don’t hesitate. On the internet can be found in thousands of potential wives. For sure, you will meet a perfect woman for marriage.

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