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Today, we see a lot of international couples who mostly have met each other through online means of communication. No wonder, European women websites are so popular nowadays. They grant happiness and love to those who are courageous enough to take the risk and meet someone from abroad. There are tons of great countries to meet women, and here are some options. The countries are traditionally categorized as ones from Eastern and Western Europe.

Western Europe

Western European brides are popular due to their beauty and independence. It should be noted that dating Eastern European women is different from dating other ladies. Usually, western men pick such countries as Italy, France, Spain, Ireland and others when they want to date someone seriously. Ladies from these amazing countries are also willing to date men from other countries.

The best thing about Western European ladies is that they are charming, elegant, feminine and yet they are independent and intelligent. It is interesting to date them due to the upbringing, it is different from American or Asian upbringing. International couples when a woman is from Western Europe are pretty successful and happy. There are plenty of countries to choose from and visit to meet a perfect European wife.

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Eastern Europe

Amazing and beautiful ladies from Eastern Europe are also seeking men from other countries. When someone is talking about meeting an Eastern European bride, they usually seek ladies from such amazing countries as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Check Republic, Romania, Moldova, etc. Ladies from these amazing countries attract men due to their physical appearance and some special personality traits.

For example, a lot of foreign men are in love with the Slavic beauty and the cherishment of family values. If someone wants to find a European bride from one of the mentioned countries, it might be very easy. Women in Eastern Europe are willing to date foreigners and to establish serious romantic relationships. They are open to communication and fun to spend time with.

European Brides And Their Characteristics

As you already know, beautiful European women are different from all other ladies. It is extremely important to complete some research about their personality traits to gain a better understanding of what they expect from men. You could always just use a dating sites or meet European singles in person, but you still might want to know something about them.

The information below is divided for readers’ convenience. One section covers personality traits of Eastern European brides from West Europe while the other is all about Eastern Europe. It’s also essential to understand that all women are unique. The personality traits mentioned below are general. You might want to build a unique strategy when you meet a woman you like, so you can charm her.

Peculiarities Of Brides In Western Europe

When talking about pretty Eastern European girls, most men have in mind gorgeous blondes from Germany, hot Italian beauties, or charming French ladies. There are more ladies from Western Europe, and all are beautiful and have their dreams and beliefs. As for their personality traits, here are some most important.


They are extremely independent. They study hard and then work on their careers to achieve better results in life. They want their men to support them and value their efforts. It’s common for beauties from Western Europe to combine career and family life. Moreover, they manage to do it successfully.

Strong Will

Their strong will is what helps on the way to achieve success. It also helps in personal life. Each couple has times of happiness and times of trouble. When there is trouble in paradise, your European bride won’t give up on you. They are strong-willed and make sure to work hard on the romantic relationships they value so much.


It’s a well-known fact that ladies from West Europe are intelligent and wise. It helps them on their way to achieving success. It’s also a good trait when it comes to creating a family. Marriages in West Europe are pretty successful and couples are happy. Find European girl and check this fact on your own.

There is much more to learn about gorgeous Western European ladies. The best way is to start seeking potential brides and learning from them what they desire in life.

Peculiarities Of Brides In Eastern Europe

Now that you know about the peculiarities of West Europe brides, learn about ladies from the East. European women looking for marriage from Eastern part of Europe are slightly different from their neighbors. Here are some important peculiarities.

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Such a trait is amazing, especially when you seek a woman to marry her. It is common in East Europe to get married a bit earlier, but women are ready to accomplish such a step. Most of them dream about finding the right man and creating a happy family. They are loyal and supportive.


It’s a well-known fact, they are working hard to be successful. European brides for marriage in East Europe are less career-oriented, but they still want to be successful. They know how to combine work and family. Women from East Europe dedicate their time to family and work hard on creating a perfect environment at home.


This trait makes European wives online from East Europe perfect when it comes to creating a family. It is pretty difficult to meet a lady who wouldn’t want to create a family and have kids. Moreover, most of these beauties know how to take care of their husbands and kids. Perfect choice if you want to settle down with a Slavic hottie!

How To Date In Europe?

The dating traditions are pretty standard. You meet a single woman, flirt and spend time together, get to know each other better. Then you date for a while and a woman you like becomes your bride. Here are some simple rules:

Rank Dating rules in Europe
1 Be charming and use your sense of humor.
2 Be respectful and supportive.
3 Treat the woman you like as equal.
4 Be a perfect gentleman.
5 Learn more about the desire and dreams of your bride.

You may also consider learning the mother tongue of your bride. Most people speak English, but it would show your bride and her relatives that you have serious intentions. It will help you win the heart of a lady you like and want to marry.

European Marriage: What Are The Peculiarities?

When people read or hear the phrase “mail order bride from Europe”, they think about something like “European women for sale”. It’s incorrect since “mail order” in this case indicates that there is a website for serious dating. You already know that there are multiple hookup sites, but there are also serious romantic dating apps. This is how you meet foreign girlfriends!

When Europeans want to get married, they also use dating apps, just like most people in the world. European women use traditional means of meeting love too. If you seek European girls for marriage online or by visiting some countries, you should learn about marriage peculiarities in Europe. It will help you to understand what European women expect from marriage.

Marriage In Western Europe

It is common for a European women to get married when she is in her late twenties or early to mid thirties. Some women are ready to settle down sooner, it depends on an individual situation. As in any other place in the world, getting married is an important step.

Brides prefer taking their time with their potential husbands to find out whether they fit. It is common to date for a year or two before getting married. Most beautiful women tend to keep their careers afterward but they are caring and loving towards their family members.

Marriage In Eastern Europe

First things first, the “buy European wife” request is not a thing. There are many articles about it, women are not for sale. Singles from various countries use dating apps to get married. Ladies are referred to as mail order brides, guys as mail order husbands. It’s simple!

As for marriage traditions, they are diverse in various countries. If you meet European girl from Russia or Ukraine, then she will want a nice ceremony with relatives and friends. And it’s common for other countries in East Europe too.

A typical European mail order wife from one of the countries in East Europe is of age 18-30. They tend to get married sooner and have kids almost immediately. The legal age of getting married depends on the situation, but 17 is possible but very unlikely. Usually, people in those countries get married after graduating from college.

How And Where To Meet European Brides?

When someone wants to meet European women for marriage, they think the only option is to visit one of the countries on the continent. But there are other ways, for example:

  • Use an international dating app. European mail-order brides sites are effective since they offer people a chance to meet other singles interested in getting married.
  • Visit one of the countries. It’s a less effective way of meeting brides. Sites are compatibility-based, so they offer dating people with similar interests and desires.

When trying to figure out what methods of meeting a bride are better, consider the compatibility factor. A European wife finder (a dating app or website) is a much better way to meet compatible singles. Use the search function of the site and add the traits you value in the opposite sex.

Any reliable site shows several awesome options. Choose the best potential wife and start a chat. Some people are so lucky that they meet perfect and beautiful women within a week of utilizing the platform.


Every lady is special and it’s essential to learn more about a potential wife. Spend time together, have fun, flirt and fall in love. European brides for marriage are nice and attractive ladies who want to be happy, just like the rest of humankind. If you are determined to meet a European lady, then use the general tips from the article. The article is like a guide for beginners, it is useful to attract the attention of a lady you like.


At What Age Can You Get Married In Eastern European Countries?

For countries like Germany, Italy, France, etc., it’s common to get married at around 30 or older. In such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, it’s normal to be married before 30.

How To Date A European Woman?

It’s pretty easy, the rules are similar to rules of any other country or continent. Be respectful, polite, charming and funny. Learn more about the lady you like and behave accordingly. You can easily win the heart of a woman you like and who may become a bride in the future.

How Loyal Are European Brides?

When ladies from Europe are ready to settle down, they are loyal to the chosen partners. So if you are seeking a perfect wife, you may consider women from the continent.

Where To Get European Brides?

First, there is no such thing as a European bride for sale. You either use dating apps or meet someone in person. The easiest way to meet a lady you like from a preferred country is to use virtual marriage agencies (aka dating websites).